Yoga Instruction by Lauren...


Lauren is a 500-hour certified RYT yoga and AFAA fitness Instructor. Her journey with yoga began with her parents, who were loyal followers of Maharaji Prem Pal Rawat.  After growing up immersed in Bhakti Yoga, meditation and vegetarianism, Lauren paid her way through Boston University as a fitness instructor and and upon graduating moved to New York City.  

There, she intimately trained with Lisa and Charles Matkin of YogaWorks almost exclusively for 3 years. Lauren quickly became popular for her well-known yoga class, YogaSpa, at places like NYC Equinox Health Clubs, New York Sports Clubs, and countless private studios spanning from New England to central New York.  

Lauren's yoga teaching career continued as she became an international star on MTV's hit show MADE. She was featured in the documentary Enlighten Up! and created her own yoga video segments on her YouTube channel for her website Organic Green Mommy that she later sold. Lauren is also certified in prenatal yoga, and Radiant Light Children's Yoga. 

Lauren's style of yoga is a unique mix of hatha with a sweaty flow portion infused with her spiritual teachings, motivational quotes, meditations and breath work.

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