I have known Lauren for many years, and I attribute many of the miracles in my life to her. Most importantly, Lauren helped me conceive my first child naturally. Diagnosed as "infertile" at the age of 33, Lauren guided me to a place of spiritual and physical good health which ultimately, after 14 months of trying to conceive, allowed me to become pregnant. One month before my baby was born Lauren organized a blessing way to prepare me for the birth.
To put it mildly, it was a transformative experience. Lauren found a way to connect to every person there - from family and friends who were unfamiliar with the concept or any sort of sacred ceremony - to guests resistant to the idea. Her sensitivity, generosity of spirit and intuitive understanding of what I'd need to fully embrace the experience allowed me to step into and receive the gift of the ceremony openly, without fear or anxiety about any of my guests' comfort level. It began with a glorious pre-natal massage and moved through, among other things, a guided meditation, sharing and giving of blessings and an enriching and unbelievably delicious organic meal. 
Something magical happened that afternoon. Women came together to empower me and connect with each other in a way I had never witnessed. Everything fell to the wayside as these women focused their collective energies on giving me strength and blessing the passage of my baby from womb to world. 
My labor and birth was long, 37 hours, and had many complications. I found myself revisiting, often subconsciously, the blessing way and drawing from the strength and love  felt that day. In the darker moments I sang to myself one of the songs we all sang together that afternoon, and I felt the spirit of 15 beautiful hands wrapped around me, urging me forward, smiling on my baby, protecting us both. Ultimately, I was able to deliver naturally (although with medication). I was ecstatic. I had reached my goal.
The blessing way was an extraordinary gift, and I am forever grateful to Lauren for the experience. She is a masterful healer. I have never met anyone with a more generous spirit. She gives with abandon, and she facilitated a ceremony that continues to empower and sustain me to this day. In fact, it helped carry me through the birth of my second just two months ago. 
Thank you, Lauren.

Loren L. Boston, MA