Holistic Nutrition

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In 2001, while living in New York City, Lauren attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a certified holistic nutritionist and board-certified health coach. While developing her private practice as a practitioner, Lauren worked in the health field as an account executive for Country Life Vitamins. Lauren sold and conducted lectures on the latest supplements and nutrition information.  She spent her days debating and engaging in philosophical and educational discussions with leading health experts in New York City.  

Her career as a health leader and sales woman quickly brought her to becoming Director of Sales in the eastern US and Canada for Guayaki Yerba Mate. Later, Lauren went on to combine her yoga instruction skills and launched a holistic nutrition and lifestyle program for YogaWorks Studios based in NYC, called NutritionWorks. During her time at YogaWorks, Lauren grew a large practice of one-on-one nutrition counseling. After becoming a mother, she devoted her next business venture to conscious parenting through a website she founded called OrganicGreenMommy.com, which she later sold. Her website featured interviews and experts in the field of nutrition to include Dr. Sears, MD, Dr. Robert Stockwell, MD and naturopathic doctor and New Chapter Vitamin formulator Taryn Forelli.       

Lauren loves lecturing on nutrition topics that have to do with the family setting and weight loss as well as sharing her secrets of overcoming chronic conditions and diseases through the healing of her own life-threatening brain tumor and incurable Meniere's disease. Beyond the problem of processed and genetically modified foods, Lauren believes that the main reasons why our country has such health issues are primarily due to the fact that people think they can be healthy by following one diet and demonizing a particular food group.  This one diet is usually preached by an individual as the answer to greater health. Instead, Lauren believes that people must understand that they are unique individuals with different blood, live in different climates, come from different places in the world, have different constitutions and lifestyles.

Lauren often suggests imagining that if a fashion expert said we would all look best if we had the same hair color and style and dressed in the same clothing that was a "one size fits all." Would you believe them? The answer would be no. Nutrition is no different. Each individual needs to look at what is good for them not based on a doctor or health expert but how his or her own body reacts both from a measurable standpoint such as a blood work-up or weight loss/gain to an overall energetic evaluation over a decent period of time. So next time you sit down to eat a lovely meal or salad like the one below notice how you feel when you are done and for the hours following.

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