Lauren's 30-Day MindCleanse Expanded Edition   

Wondering If Your Mind Needs A  Cleanse? 

It's inevitable in our modern society to be inundated with multiple emails to check, social media to follow up on, voicemails to listen to, televisions everywhere with constant "breaking" news and so on. We spend a lot of our time sitting behind bright screens, using electronic devices that are unnatural to our bodies and minds. Our air, food and water is not pure. We are moving too fast and further away from a natural rhythm with our basic human needs and the planet. In today's world, our only choice is to take a time-out and hit the reboot button. This MindCleanse gives you the perfect program matched with every practical tool to detox the mind of negativity, judgement, fear and anxiety. In addition you will benefit from  healthy diet and lifestyle guidelines and information that you might not have realized may be disrupting your overall health.  The time is NOW to recreate our lives. We are here to thrive! Set your mind free in just 30 days! Preview the complete package below.


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The MindCleanse Expanded Edition includes: 


Lauren's Technology of Activating Affirmations™

$19.99 Value

The Technology of Activated Affirmations™ introduces Lauren's discovery and teachings on her Activating Affirmation Technology. This MP3 discusses the repetition cycles and 5 principles used to activate affirmations. When put into use this revolutionary technology allows you to create a healthy blueprint in your mind. Also includes a guided meditation to help quiet the mind. Approximate run time: 30 mins.


30 Days of Activating Affirmations: MindCleanse Edition


$59.99 Value

After years of customizing nutritional cleanses for clients, Lauren has finally created a cleanse for the mind. Using her Activated Affirmation™ technology, Lauren takes you on a healing journey from fear to peace, from doubt and scarcity to trust, and from limitation to abundance.    Included are 30 separate 3 minute MP3's Downloads: One Activated Affirmation™ and one meditation per day for thirty days. 



MindCleanse Ultimate Program Book  (e-book version)

$19.99 Value

This MindCleanse Ultimate Program Book and Step by Step Guide includes the 30-Day MindCleanse guidelines and program information, plus an additional vital 2-week MindCleanse Prep Program to be done prior to the cleanse. This e-book offers an in-depth explanation of the 30-Day MindCleanse program such as the philosophy and approach, as well as exercises and healthy lifestyle tools, including six weeks of log sheets and meal and lifestyle options.


Lauren's 30 Affirmations Virtual Card Deck

$29.99 Value

This beautiful deck is perfect for posting to your social media sites for motivation and inspiration. Print and place them on your vision board, share with a friend or use as your screen saver and continue to shift your consciousness all day long. Within the MindCleanse Program, these cards correspond to the 30 daily MP3 affirmations to serve as a visual reminder of the day's affirmation. 


MindCleanse 30 Daily Lessons

$29.99 Value

As you walk through the 30 days of MindCleanse you are instructed to do four core actions each day: 1) repeat the daily affirmation recording, 2) move your body for twenty minutes, 3) meditate for at least ten minutes, and most importantly, 4) read and do your corresponding daily lessonEach day of the cleanse you will have a daily lesson to read about that day's affirmation followed by one short question to answer. This lesson is where the transformation  really awakens in your mind! Following the completion of your 30 Daily Lessons you will enter into a new way of seeing the world and interpreting your life! 

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Lauren's Post-Cleanse Integration Annual Membership

Value: $9.99 monthly or $109.99 annually

Members remain connected to Lauren for twelve months following the MindCleanse program! Receive monthly motivation and tips on integrating into your life the healthy habits practiced throughout the 30-Day MindCleanse. This supportive post-cleanse annual membership allows you to stay connected to your highest potential and achieve sustainable results. 

Included in the membership: Free podcasts and new MP3 Activated Affirmations™, post-cleanse integration support and articles on lifestyle practices, modified calendars, and discounts to Lauren's future products and engagements.


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About Lauren Schnell:

Lauren is a motivational speaker, life and health coach, and author of a series of life-changing audio recordings and products that incorporate a technology she created called Activating Affirmations™. Drawing from her own personal transformation as well as from her professional expertise, Lauren teaches individuals that they can thrive from the challenges life presents to them. Lauren is also board-certified in holistic nutrition and yoga and was the creator of the New York City YogaWorks’ holistic living program, NutritionWorks. She has starred as a coach nicknamed "The Zen Master" on MTV's hit reality show, MADE and has appeared on several morning news programs, in magazines and in spiritual documentaries such as Enlighten Up. By incorporating daily spiritual practice tools such as the 30-Day Mind Cleanse and her Technology of Activating Affirmations™, Lauren helps empower individuals to become unstuck, find optimal health, prosper debt-free and help transform troubled marriages.

Lauren's mission is to help people awaken to the reality that, Yes, You Can Thrive! Lauren is not only a great motivator and teacher but she herself has used these tools to master her own life. Lauren believes she lived through her own near death situation to remind you that any situation no matter how impossible it seems can be flipped around!