Is your relationship, job or health simply not working? Maybe you feel you have given your situation everything you have and still can’t seem to fix it?  Have you been searching for the answers to your own life’s happiness and can’t seem to get very far? Do you ever look at other people who are the same age and wonder why their lives are flowing so well and yours is not?

"When you change, so will Everyone and Everything around you... I am here to help you create that change."

Lauren delivers motivation, knowledge and guidance to clients who are seeking authentic transformation in their lives.  Specializing in integrative and holistic health, Lauren helps her clients rediscover who they are, what they want and how they can manifest it in a sustainable manner.  Whether you are interested in group or private nutritional and/or weight loss counseling, private or group yoga instruction, life coaching, speaking engagements or facilitating a sacred ceremony, Lauren engages clients to become their personal best by bringing professionalism, integrity and excitement to any work endeavor she leads.