Lauren’s Healthy Alternative Grocery Shopping List

1. Get your calcium from whole food sources verses supplements!

There are many poor-quality forms of calcium on the market, not to mention that it is very hard to absorb calcium in a pill form.  You’re almost always better off getting vitamins and minerals in their whole food form.  One of the best sources of calcium on the planet is seaweed.  An easy way to get seaweed is to enjoy some sushi! If your doctor does recommend additional calcium go for New Chapter's Calcium.

2. Use sea salt instead of traditional table salt.

Again, processed foods are the main culprits in unhealthy eating.  Table salt is a highly processed form of sodium chloride, which is treated with anti-caking chemicals like potassium iodide and sugar, and helps cause many people to over eat.  Sea salt, on the other hand, tastes great, is all natural, and strengthens digestion, stimulates the kidneys, promotes bowel action, and counter-acts toxic substances found in our food through processing and preservatives.

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