I Just Was Diagnosed with an Incurable Disease, Now What?

 Take Full Responsibility for Your Health Condition

Take Full Responsibility for Your Health Condition

If you are anything like me when I was first diagnosed with an incurable disease your mind goes from disbelief, to fear, to "Ok, there has gotta be a way out of it." What I did was consciously give myself 24 hours to mourn my situation (aka a "pity party") and then moved into a space of embracing it! This article is for the person who is ready to embrace your health condition and get some tips on how to help yourself.  

After surviving a life threatening size brain tumor I came to the spiritual realization that I am going to choose to perceive that everything that comes into my life as being for me and not against me. Whether I figure out how it is for me isn't as important as believing that the situation creates a limitation meaning "the health condition" which gives me the opportunity to either solve it and or adapt to it.  Both options enable me to grow and evolve into a wiser and stronger human being. Also if my health condition was now for me and not against me then I am not a victim to it but rather able to take full responsibility for myself and my health. 

Step 1.  Understand that this health condition came into your life for a reason and that reason is FOR YOU, not against you. 

Step 2. Take full responsibility for your health condition and/or disease. 

What I mean by taking full responsibility is own the fact that this is your body and life and that YOU are steering the ship. The doctors are here to help you but are not the ones in charge of your life. Making a doctor out to be the one who "Saves You," is creating a false expectation. The reality is that your doctor doesn't have the time or regard to listen nor remember all of your unique symptons, energy levels, family history and most importantly your own innate wisdom that your body carries for its own survival. Doctors can provide us facts and advice but are not responsible for your life or your health.      

Step 3. Ask yourself, "What Can I Do in this Moment to Better My Condition?" 

In my medical situation, I had recently lost my hearing in my right ear due to my brain surgery and was then later diagnosed with meniere's disease. This "incurable" disease supposedly causes hearing loss in my only hearing ear as well as debilitating symptoms such as intense random vertigo and headaches. I asked my doctor if there has been anything he knows that could help my condition and he did recommend that I cut my sodium intake to 1200mg per day or less. Since I was coming from an empowered place about my illness I decided that after trying his recommendations and having no change to take my health I would take it a step further by completely changing my diet.

...Remember your diet will radically change your health and your thoughts. Your diet is the one area in your health that you have complete control over and I cannot stress to you enough how important it is at this juncture for you to give up whatever foods you know are not good for you and your health. In my case, I eventually gave up all added salt as well as any food groups that could cause inflammation such as wheat, corn, dairy, soy, gluten and sugar.

Step 4. Look at your Bad Eating and Health Habits and Replace them with Healthier Ones

I was left with a pretty strict diet that I quickly figured out how to make work in my life. I did this by setting myself up for success.  I found dairy free, corn free, soy free, and sugar free organic ice cream made from coconut (so-delicious one gram of sugar) and used that as my dessert. I found stevia and erythritol sweetened beverages. I made my own gluten and yeast free breads and cookies.  

Step 5. Get Creative with Your Health Situation

I integrated holistic health such as vitamins, healers and plenty of rest. We cannot underestimate how important leading a low stress lifestyle has on our bodies and health. Our bodies only have a certain amount of energy and YOU need to choose where that energy is going to go to? It can go towards healing or dealing with a tiring and stressful lifestyle.  You need to see this health condition as a real opportunity to change your life and the sooner the better. YOU ARE NOT the disease. The disease is merely a term used to classify a condition your body is experiencing in this particular moment.  I am not Lauren who has menieres disease but rather I am Lauren and I currently am experiencing menieres symptoms.   Remember no one can save you but yourself. You Are the Answer to Your Problems!