Do We Demonize Certain Foods to Create New Diet Fads

Beyond the problem of processed and genetically modified foods, I believe that one of the main reasons why our country has such health issues are due to the fact that people think they can be healthy by following one diet and demonizing a particular food group.  This one diet is usually preached by an individual as the answer to greater health and weight loss. Instead, I believe that people must understand that they are unique individuals with different blood, live in different climates, come from different places in the world, have different constitutions and lifestyles.

I often say to my clients.... imagine walking into a clothing store and the fashion expert working there said,  "You would look best wearing the same outfit, style and dress size as every other customer in our store.".....A "one size fits all style."  Would you believe them? Hell no!  I find it almost comical that we can understand when we dress ourselves, that we all have different size bodies that require different size clothes. We all have different skin coloring and live in different climates that require heavy or light weight clothes. 

Nutrition is no different. Each individual needs to look at what is good for them not based on a doctor or health expert but rather on how your own body reacts both from a measurable standpoint such as a blood work-up or weight loss/gain to an overall energetic evaluation over a decent period of time. While the quality of food has a certain value of nutrition each individual has innately different needs. The quote, One Man's food is another mans poison has more truth than what an expert, or doctor recommends. Another point to watch out for is the recent outbreak in books that demonize fat and proteins, or in the late 90's it was carbohydrates. These books are based on the authors view or perhaps a biased study. Remember once a food group is demonized then the author has an unfair advantage to create a food line of items which omit this food group. The author then creates a movement and becomes an overnight success and thus we have the beginning of a new diet fad.   A some what fascist view on certain foods. We must remember that all food groups serve a purpose. It is just a matter of finding which ones work for your body.

So next time you sit down to eat a lovely meal or salad like the one below notice how you feel when you are done and for the hours following. Choose your diet based on who you are knowing that every food was put on earth with a benefit for some and disadvantage to others. Experiment with what works for you and stick to it!

beautiful greens.jpg